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Just Plane Healthy


Here at salt of the earth we are selling HumidiFlyers. This product is a comfortable mask with a special filter and is designed for air travel. The HumidiFlyer retains your natural humidity and air temperature levels and uses them to condition the dry cabin air that you draw in. It also filters any other impurities like dust from the air you breathe. The HumidiFlyer can be re-used over many flights for up to 100 hours. 

The tiredness you feel after a long flight is caused by breathing dry cabin air over and over for a long duration. You can end up with a dry nose, sore throat and possibly a chest infection. People with serious respiratory illnesses can be more susceptible to contracting a virus or infection on-flight and the HumidiFlyer allows the air you breathe to remain moist, preventing the dehydration that contributes to jet lag and infection. The HumidiFlyer travel mask is your first defence!  Drinking plenty of water is also important, but won’t directly alleviate the impact of dry air on your respiratory system.

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