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Invest in respiratory friendly products



It is suggested that some jobs including that of cleaners, hairdressers, plumbers, farmers, factory workers, fire-fighters and painters, all come with a higher risk of developing a respiratory problem.

Exposure to smoke, dust, gases, fumes, vapours, mists or sprays can all have a negative effect on the respiratory system.

Did you know the number one reason people visit their G.P’s in Ireland is as a result of respiratory conditions? Small changes in your life may make a big difference. More and more products are being made with an increase in awareness of their impact on the environment. With that in mind, eco-friendly products are becoming popular and on the plus side they can also be kind on the skin and respiratory system.

One such product is water based emulsion paints. These contain less toxic chemicals than oil-based paints and less VOC’s (volatile Organic Compounds) Which can be harmful to the environment and cause skin irritations. This paint has other benefits; it’s easy to apply, dries quicker and is relatively cheap as a little goes a long way. Using these environmentally friendly paints in your home can reduce the possibility of asthma, sinus pain, headaches and skin irritations, so we at salt of the earth are a fan.

green lungs

Another product that those of you with respiratory problems may want to consider is household products and hair dyes. You can make your own cleaning products with natural ingredients such as lemon, baking soda, corn starch and vinegar. Other eco-friendly, fume free, cleaners can be found at your local supermarket such as, Cif’s eco-friendly oven spray, ECover’s multisurface spray, Tesco’s fume free oven cleaner or fume free toilet cleaner, to name a few.

Hair dyes have even been developed which contain no ammonia and are friendly on hair itself and lungs. Ammonia is a chemical that is used in typical hair dyes and can cause irritation to the eyes and damage the lungs if the person is exposed to it regularly. It can cause particular problems for those who already suffer with breathing problems.

So remember small changes can make a big difference to the quality of life you have. If there is an alternative product just as effective as your usual one, you may want to consider the benefits it could have on you and your health!

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