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Antibiotic Shortage this year - Try Salt Therapy

It has been released that there will soon be a shortage of the drug Augmentin, which is a common antibiotic that treats conditions such as bronchitis, chest infections, pneumonia, sinusitis and ear infections. This is due to manufacturing problems and an increase in demand. The HSE are working on an alternative supply or treatment for those in need of Augmentin.

If you find yourself taking Antibiotics for respiratory problems there is an natural drug-free alternative available here in Drogheda.

Salt therapy can compliment the current treatment regime you may be undertaking. It treats many ailments including bronchitis, asthma, COPD, tonsillitis, coughs, sinusitis and more. 

Many of our clients have noticed an improved quality of life after a course of treatments. Many continue to take medication for their condition and others have told us there is a reduced need for it.  

At salt of the earth we always recommend you follow your doctors orders first. We do not recommend you stop taking medication, but if you want to help clear up your condition salt therapy is a natural, drug free and effective way to speed up this process.

The shortage of Augmentin is expected to last until September of next year. If you want to try this complimentary therapy, the first session is only €10 so try the natural way, try salt therapy.    

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