Thursday, July 19, 2018

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Address: Dublin Road, Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland


  • John L.

    "By far the best and most effective treatment I have ever had. Within the 5 sessions I felt fresher than ever. I found to sneeze less and have no symptoms of allergies anymore. I sleep easier and wake up with a clear nose and can breathe easily. Overall an excellent treatment and top quality professional service.” 
  •  Edward K.
    "I have had COPD for a number of years and recently I have had to take antibiotics more and more. I have also been using the inhaler much more than I should. After my 2nd visit it was clear that the inhaler use had been cut by about 70%. Only time will tell about the antibiotics. I was more than satisfied!"
  •  ALAN J.

    "Since starting in the salt room my daughter Robyn's asthma has improved and she now uses her inhalers less frequently. Previously Robyn got chest infections which resulted in her having to go to hospital for 3-4 days of treatment. Since starting at salt of the earth Robyn hasn't been in hospital because it's keeping chest infections away"

    "The first one I done I could feel the effects of it that night in bed. I could feel it loosening up in my head and I could also feel like I could breathe through my nose properly. As I went on doing my treatments my headaches stopped, I'm not blocked up anymore and I feel a hundred times better."

  • n D.

    "The Salt Clinic helped enormously with my sinus and rhinitis problems.For 10 years I did not get a full night’s sleep with these problems. My asthma was bad and I got a minimum of 5 bad chest infections a year. It is now the end of October and I can sleep through a full night without waking for nasal sprays etc. Normally I would get a chest infection as soon as school starts but this year despite everyone around me being sick I have not even had a cold.The salt clinic is a fantastic place to boost the immune system and ease nasal and asthma problems. The staff are incredibly accommodating and are genuinely interested in their client’s wellbeing. They were a pleasure to deal with. I will defiantly return to the salt clinic for a booster session. I would highly recommend it for anyone with health problems. It really does work."

  • Edyta M.

    "My 2 years old son has tonsillitis and difficulties with breathing, especially in the night. We have taken 5 sessions so far day by day. He sleeps much better now, I can’t tell that the snoring disappeared completely, but it is not as annoying as before and the most important thing is that his tonsillar hypertrophy became less visible. I know this therapy from Poland and I really recommend this to those who have any problems with constant infection of the airways."