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13 May, 2013

Salt Pipe

Cisca Saltpipe® is a dry salt inhaler to help you to breathe easier, alleviate sneezing, coughing, shortness of breath and leaves you feeling revitalised. Salt crystals have been used for decades in the treatment of respiratory conditions and to help strengthen the immune system by cleansing the lungs allowing them to absorb more oxegen.

salt of the earth sells 3 Saltpipes,

  • The original salt pipe for adults
  • The elephant shaped “Elipipe” for children
  • A travel pipe for those on the go

The Saltpipe gives the sensation of taking a deep breath of fresh sea air or visiting salt caves. It works by drawing excess fluid from the sinuses and cell lining, cleansing the nasal passages and opening the airways to relieve the main cause of congestion and irritation. The salt has a thinning effect on mucus, helping you to clear it naturally and breathe more easily.  

To use the Saltpipe you inhale through the mouthpiece and exhale through your nose. The pipe may feel salty to begin with, but this fades with more use. After using the Saltpipe regularly over time breathing becomes easier. The Saltpipe can also be used for sinusitis or rhinitis and can be inhaled through the nostril.

The Saltpipe can be used for 15 minutes daily and can last up to five years. No refills required. They are colour coded to differentiate from other family member’s Saltpipes. With various other copycats on the market the Cisca Saltpipe is the original patented pipe.

The Saltpipe can be used for respiratory problems including Asthma, Bronchitis, Allergies, Persistent Coughs, and Sinus Problems etc. The pipe has also been proven to help with general health and wellbeing. For more salt products, visit our products page here

09 May, 2013

sea salt


We’ve all been told that too much table salt is bad for you, but have you heard of the benefits associated with natural sea salt. Regular table salt is completely different to nautral salts. It has been processed and contains added chemicals whereas Epsom salts, Himalayan salt, or Dead Sea salt can all be used in their natural state and major benefits are associated with them.

Many people choose to bathe in Epsom salts or Dead Sea Salt to extract of toxins, reduce stress, lower blood pressure and treat skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis. By soaking in a bath with these salts can help reduce any skin redness and irritation.

Himalayan salt can be also used as a detoxification method. It helps to improve the pH balance in the body, helps to firm bones, cleans the lungs and sinuses, helps with muscle cramps and cleans out the digestive tract.  By mixing water and salt and leaving it overnight you can reap the benefits every day by drinking one teaspoon with a glass of water. Squeeze some lemon into the drink for some added flavour. Here is a great video we found…

Here at salt of the earth we sell Himalayan Salt and Pure Dead Sea Salt for just €7.50. Visit our products page here