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Address: Dublin Road, Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland

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01 Feb, 2013 Posted by:

Fantastic February Offer


special offer

We are bringing you another great offer this month.

 Fantastic February Offer

 ONE MONTH UNLIMITED use of our salt rooms for just €180!

This month’s deal could dramatically improve the quality of your life.


We have been finding that clients are getting some great results from 5 sessions and even better results by committing themselves to taking up to 20 sessions. That's why this month we have made it easier for you to dedicate the time to improving your health by taking up to 28 treatments. Treatments for this month deal can work out at less than €6.50 a treatment. We open Saturdays and Sundays and until 8 o'clock on week days.

If you do 15 treatments in the month it works out at half the price of a standard 15 session package. That's a bargain! and you have the option to even more, as the month you take your treatment for is unlimited!

This offer must be paid for in the month of February and there is no expiry date once purchased. The month begins on the date of your first treatment. Other terms and conditions apply see below

Terms and Conditions

Month Unlimited €180

  • This offer is available for the month of February only
  • All monthly offers are subject to the amount of days in the month that the offer was purchased (i.e. 28 days this month)
  • This offer can be used at any time but must be purchased in the month of February 2013
  • Finish date – 28 days from the date of first use
  • This is a stand-alone offer – It is not valid to be used with other offers

We would very much like your feedback on this offer and your experience of salt therapy treatment so far. You can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Thank You and we hope to see you soon.

28 Jan, 2013 Posted by:

Just Plane Healthy


Here at salt of the earth we are selling HumidiFlyers. This product is a comfortable mask with a special filter and is designed for air travel. The HumidiFlyer retains your natural humidity and air temperature levels and uses them to condition the dry cabin air that you draw in. It also filters any other impurities like dust from the air you breathe. The HumidiFlyer can be re-used over many flights for up to 100 hours. 

The tiredness you feel after a long flight is caused by breathing dry cabin air over and over for a long duration. You can end up with a dry nose, sore throat and possibly a chest infection. People with serious respiratory illnesses can be more susceptible to contracting a virus or infection on-flight and the HumidiFlyer allows the air you breathe to remain moist, preventing the dehydration that contributes to jet lag and infection. The HumidiFlyer travel mask is your first defence!  Drinking plenty of water is also important, but won’t directly alleviate the impact of dry air on your respiratory system.

For more information on this product go to 

Visit us at the Bryanstown Centre, Drogheda, to get your HumidiFyler!

14 Jan, 2013 Posted by:

Teaming up with LMFM Deals

lmfm deals 1

We have teamed up with LMFM to bring you better value this January! Get a €35 voucher to spend on a single session or towards our packages at a cost of just €19, a 46% discount.!

Check it out on

You can get this voucher by contacting LMFM Deals on 041 9876247 or buy online at

10 Jan, 2013 Posted by:

salt of the earth on the radio

Kenneth Dursley, owner of salt of the earth was on The Late Lunch show on LMFM yesterday (10th of Jan 2013) speaking to Gerry Kelly about salt therapy! If you missed it you can listen back here!

03 Jan, 2013 Posted by:

Bringing Good Lungs in the New Year

DID YOU QUIT FOR 2stopsmoking13?

Check out the article from about salt of the earth and cleaning your lungs this New Year!

22 Dec, 2012 Posted by:

Christmas Opening Hours

Here at salt of the earth we would like to thank you for your business and for your convenience we will be open at various times around Christmas.

We are closed the following days:

25th December, Christmas Day

26th December, St. Stephens Day

27th December

31st December, New Year's Eve

1st January, New Year's Day

18 Dec, 2012 Posted by:

Christmas Special Offer!

*Happy Christmas* from salt of the earth and to say thanks for your support we are giving you a special package for Christmas:


The treatments don't expire and you can buy as many of these packages as you want once it is before 24/12/2012.

Many of you have felt the benefit of salt therapy so why not share it with family and friends this year with a gift voucher! 

The offer is only available until Christmas Eve so drop into us or call us on 0419846391 soon to get this Christmas offer! 

Don't forget to like us on Facebook to be in with the chance to win free sessions!

27 Nov, 2012 Posted by:

Fiver Friday

Fiver Friday

Here at 'salt of the earth' we are taking part in Fiver Friday this Friday the 30th of November! A salt therapy session is €5 a head - a great discount! If you already have a package with us you can pay €5 on Friday and save one of your sessions for another day.

If this is your first time with us you can use your free introductory session or pay a fiver and keep it for another day.

Please call 0419846391 to book an appointment.

22 Nov, 2012 Posted by:

Antibiotics won't work! - A natural way to treat colds and flu

Have you been hearing about the campaign against Antibiotics for colds and flu? Salt therapy offers you a natural, drug free way to treat the symptoms of a cold or flu.

According to the HSE and their campaign (Action on Antibiotics) against the use of Antibiotics on colds and flu,

  • Antibiotics are used to treat infections caused by Bacteria
  • Antibiotics don’t work against infections caused by Viruses such as a cold or flu
  • There is no point in asking your doctor to prescribe Antibiotics for a cold or flu

When you have the flu it is advised that you rest, drink plenty of fluids especially hot drinks, take some paracetamol , ibuprofen or other over the counter remedies .

Another treatment available along with these options is salt therapy. Salt therapy is a natural drug free way to treat the symptoms of a cold or flu. Salt has antibacterial agents, acts as an anti-inflammatory and natural decongestant. Salt therapy can help to clear airways, kill bacteria and allow you to breathe easier. Salt therapy is very relaxing, can reduce stress and strengthen your immune system against future colds and flu.

At 'salt of the earth' a salt therapy session lasts 60 minutes and your first session is FREE. If you are suffering from a common cold or flu why not book a session today. You can call us on 041-9846391 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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