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Other Respiratory Illnesses

  • Long acute diseases of the upper airways
  • Chronic diseases of the airways
  • Chronic pharyngitis
  • Chronic tonsillitis or inflammation of the tonsils
  • Chronic maxillary sinusitis
  • Chronic inflammation of the pharyngeal tonsil
  • Relapsing pneumonia
  • Chronic and acute otitis
  • Frequent viral infections
  • Polinosis or hay rhinitis
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Putrid dermal infection
  • Cystic Fibrosis

Indications for using The Salt Cave to relieve the symtoms of the following conditions:

  • asthma
  • chronic bronchitis
  • breathlessness, chest tightness
  • pneumonia after acute stage
  • bronchiectatic disease
  • wheezing
  • smoker's cough (including secondary smoke)
  • cough with viscous sputum discharging with difficulties
  • dry, paroxysmal cough with distant rates
  • dry rales (mostly with low tone) changing its localization during auscultation
  • mucus plugs
  • mucosal edema
  • colds and influenza
  • frequent acute disorders of respiratory tract
  • rhinosinusopathy
  • pharyngitis
  • multi-chemical sensitivity syndrome
  • sinusitis/sinus inflammation
  • hay-fever, croup
  • respiratory infections
  • coughs (particularly at night or after exercise)
  • respiratory allergies to industrial and household pollutants
  • adenoids, rhinitis, tonsillitis

Contraindications - This treatment is not recommended for patients suffering from any of the symptoms below:

  • Acute stage of respiratory attack
  • Stage 3 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Intoxication due to alcohol or non-prescription drugs
  • Cardiac insufficiency
  • Haemorrhage
  • Haemoptysis (spitting up blood)
  • Stage 11B Hypertension

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Salt Therapy also has beneficial effects in the treatment of:

Nervousness, Poor Concentration, Sleeping Disorders, ADHD

Salt has the natural ability to balance the excessive positively charged particles in the atmosphere, by binding the positive ions with negative ions. Therefore, the neutralising force of salt can cancel out positive charged harmful electromagnetic vibrations in our environment (electro-smog), as well as in our body. Hence, salt therapy has de-stressing, relaxing effects; it is beneficial for calming the nervous system.

Unhealthy Skin, Acne, Eczema

The skin is a mirror to our internal body and foremost, our intestines. Skin irritations and eczema which appear around the neckline, on the face, especially around the mouth area, usually indicate disrupted intestinal flora. The body cannot eliminate toxins and excretes them through the skin.

A change of diet, together with a colon cleanse, can help to eliminate underlying causes. At the same time it is also important to drink plenty of spring water, low in minerals, in order to flush out the waste material. Salt therapy will miraculously support this process!


Psoriasis is a genetically inherited disease and usually doesn't manifest until adulthood. The accelerated growth of the top layer of skin forms red spots, which are usually covered with a thick layer of white flakes. Usually, it takes 28 days for our epidermal layer to be fully replaced; the time it takes for the deep skin cells to move through to the top layer. For people suffering from psoriasis, this process happens in only 4 days. This can also cause severe itching.

Even though it is considered to be a genetically inherited disease, Salt Therapy can completely heal the disorder, in some cases. An alkaline-forming, vegan diet, in combination with Halotherapy can perform wonders!


Salt Therapy can also reduce snoring and facilitate better sleep by clearing the airways   in the pharyngeal area. Oedema of the nasal mucosa, pharynx and soft palate, which cause nasal obstruction and snoring, can be reduced by inhaling the salty air, leading to widening of the airway passages in the nose and the tubes of the sinuses; improving drainage and reducing snoring.

Ear Infections

Oedema of the Eustachian tubes, which can cause ear infections, can be diminished by Salt Therapy salt particles, leading to widening of the airways, improved drainage and better aeration behind the tympanic membrane of the ear, equalising pressure.

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